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Around The Island

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Tour Overview
Tour Overview

Circling the whole island in less than two weeks is surely an unforgettable experience, and it is definitely one of the must try trip in Panagoe cycling tour.

First, we cycle from hilly Taipei outskirts to cross a north central mountain range to the fertile Lanyang Plain. Taking a train from Suao and reaching Taroko Gorge National Park start our second day of cycling.    

Continue cycling along the West Pacific to one of the most famous hot springs called An Tong where you can enjoy it and refresh yourself. We will then go through the long narrow East Rift valley that lies between the Central mountain and coast mountain ranges, which is most famous rice paddies in Taiwan.
Keeping to ride through the peaceful and rural highway 23, you will see the endemic Formosan Macaques.  

Following the sunshine along the coast with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and riding through the east-west mountains, you will see the unique “wind blows sand” phenomenon. We will stay reach the most southern part, and Kenting is well known for the beach resort with the clear and blue sky.  

After bypassing the south and get to the west part of Taiwan, you will have a chance to see the Gaomei wetland, huge alluvial plain and grand Longshan Temple in Lukang.




Avg. Daily Mileage 

101.1 Km

62.8 Miles

Tour Duration

12 days

Suitable for

Age15 above with Regular exercise

Total Mileage

1010.9 Km

628.1 Miles

Max. Altitude

760 m

2788 Feet

NOTE: You will always be followed by a support vehicle providing snacks, fruits, drinks and emergency first aid service while cycling.




  • Making Tofu by yourself in a traditional way at a Hakka agriculture village.


  • Endemic species: Formosan Macaque



  • Unique wind blows sands in the most southern peninsula  


  • Gaomei Wetland: One of the few natural reserves for migrating birds in Taiwan.  Famous for its diverse ecology and bird-watching.


  • Longest River: Jhuoshuei River

  • Lukang Longshan Temple: One of the oldest temple in Taiwan (Founded in 1786) and it is famous for its master architecture.



Day 1

Flight to Taipei

Our friendly guide will meet you at Taoyuan International Airport and transfer you to check-in the hotel.(Optional)

Lunch: On your own    Dinner: On your own


B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Local Meal  /  D:Local cuisine 


First of all, the tour will start from Taipei and pass Pinglin, where the topography is mostly hills. Afterwards, the fertile Lanyang Plain, where Yilan County is located, is straight in front. Cycling along the coastline, you will successively go through Jiaoshi and Suao, with the Pacific Ocean right on your left-hand side.  

Lanyang Plain offers spectacular views of flat farmland, mountainous terrains, wetland and the Pacific Ocean at the same time. As we cycle through, you will be able to experience all these sceneries in a single day.

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Traditional local cuisine   /  D:Taiwanese cuisine


Today we take a train to pass through the magnificent views of the Suhua coastline. The coastline faces the Pacific Ocean and is bounded on the west by the Central mountain range.

We will then continue to ride up from the coast along Provincial Highway 8 and into Taroko National Park, which features high mountains and sheer gorges.  Taroko National Park is renowned for its marble gorge, with walls rising hundreds of meters high.  No other place in the world can match Taroko Gorge in its spectacular and dramatic marble cliffs, deep canyons and wild waterfalls. We will start to descend back down to the Provincial region of the east coast, and then to Hualien city with some brief stretches to tree shaded bicycle paths.


Day 5

An Tong-Fuli-Wulu-Chihshang

Today we will cycle along the East Rift Valley that lies between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range. This long and narrow valley is home to some beautiful countryside such as tea farms, waterfalls, and green rice fields.


We will visit a Hakka village, a traditional farm, where people still make tofu in the traditional way. They use natural ingredients found in the mountains such as the water from the volcano. This place is run by pleasant people from whom you can learn about the tofu production. You’ll also have the opportunity to make it yourself.


Afterwards, we will pedal along a countryside road and later rest at Da-Po Pond, which is the largest lake in Taitung Province, with fine views of the East Rift Valley. The abundance of water chestnuts, water bamboo, lotus, reeds and water willows at the lake attracts more than ten different types of birds to visit all year round.


Our ride continues towards the west on Provincial Highway 20, with a challenging climb the Southern Cross-Island Highway. (Optional)

B:Hotel Buffet  /  L:Famous traditional Hakka meal  /  D:Famous Local cuisine

Day 6

Chihshang-Coastal Mountains-Donghe-Taitung

We will follow country bike paths through bountiful rice fields of Golden Rape today (if in season). We continue to travel through the East Rift Valley to a typical country village where we may have the opportunity to see how farmers plant rice or harvest crops. The landscapes shaded by rice terraces offer unique local views.


We resume our ride through highway 23, which starts from the East Rift Valley and cuts through the Coastal Mountain Range. It is a particularly peaceful rural road, which is home to the Formosan Macaques.


Natural wonders and wild sceneries abound here, giving proof to the old saying that this scenic view makes for the most rewarding alpine passes in Taiwan – surely worthy of the challenging ride.

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Traditional Taiwanese Lunch Box  /  D:Local cuisine


Today we will cycle along Southern Highway 9, and visit Jinlun St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, which was inspired by the aboriginal Paiwan culture and by Catholic missionaries. Inside, you will see cultural artefacts and pictures that result from this unique blending of the aboriginal culture and western religion. After that, we will follow the sunshine along the coast with views of the Pacific Ocean and ride through the scenic east-west mountains crossroad, reaching the highest point, Shouka. 

We will then head south along the eastern side of Hengchun Peninsula to a place called Fongchueisha, which means “the wind blows sand.” When it rains, the sand is washed down onto the seashore. When the wind blows, which it does quite often, the sand is propelled back inland and upward, forming sand dunes.


Afterwards, we will ride along Road 26, via Banana Bay, to Eluanbi, the very southernmost point of Taiwan. This grass-covered promontory is fringed by slumping cliffs, where situated a picturesque heritage-site lighthouse. 

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Local seafood restaurant  /  D:  Hotel restaurant buffet

Day 8

Kenting--Hengchun-- Fangliao--Kaohsiung City

Today we cycle along the west edge of the southern Peninsula to view Taiwan Straits. We will pass numerous plantations growing pineapples, bananas, mangos, papayas. 


Next, we will visit the Fangliao Arts Village, an out-of- commission former train station located

along the lane of terraced houses. Now it turned into an arts village by a few art enthusiasts

and have gradually become decorated and attractive.

We will, later on, take an hour and a half train from Fangliao to Kaohsiung City, where we are going to explore the local Night market and the fascinating Formosa Metro Station.

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Local dish at arts village  /  D: Taiwanese cuisine

Kaohsiung City--Tainan--Wetland--Putzih

Today we will continue further to Tainan.  The city plays an important role in Taiwan’s history and many cultural and historical sites still remain today.


Tainan was the capital of Taiwan between the era of Dutch colony and Qing dynasty.  Owns many old monuments, temples, historic buildings and various local characteristics.


We will visit Anping Tree House, where aerial roots and branches of banyan trees wrap around the building, is a worthwhile place to see.


Later on, we will cycle along western Taiwan’s coastal lowlands, which lies within the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area and the coastal forest. This area is a good place to observe marine birds and other animals.  

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Taiwanese Cuisine  /  D: Local restaurant


Today, we will head north along Road 17 where tilts slightly westwards between the coastal regions, a narrow alluvial plain comprises a wide variety of landscape, a huge area of sandbars, lagoons, mangrove swamp.  We will pass through the longest river in Taiwan and then arrive at one of Taiwan’s oldest towns, Lukang.


Lukang was originally aboriginal’s village and later on developed to be one of the most important port in Qing dynasty. It is well known for its diverse architecture and small narrow streets. Longshan temple, which dates to 1786, is the most important among the town's numerous classical-style old temples. It is one of Taiwan's best-preserved and most exquisite imperial-era structures.

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Local meal  /  D: Local meal

Wuci(Taichung)--Gaomei Wetland--Maoli--Hsinchu--Taipei

Today, you will have a chance to make a trip further north to the well-known Gaomei Wetlands.


Gaomei Wetland, comes in 1,500 acres, have special soils mixed with mud and sand. Ecology here breeds diversified organisms of both plants and animals and is home to more than 120 different kind of birds. It is one of the few places preserved for migrating birds in Taiwan. Every year around fall and winter, large flocks of migrating birds would come here for either short or long stay over the winter, making the wetland a perfect spot for bird-watching.


Before arriving Taipei, we are going to cross three counties--Taichung, Miaoli and Hsinchu. Though Miaoli County is a rather less-visited area of Taiwan, it has a lot of fascinating landscapes, simple fishing villages and rich Hakka culture. The city of wind, Hsinchu, is one of the main places for wind power in Taiwan, and it is also famous for its vermicelli.


We will, later on, take High-Speed Rail to reach Taipei, where we end our cycling ride.

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Free on your own  /  D: Free on your own

Day 9

Day 7

Hualien--Jici-- An Tong Hot Spring

The day begins with cycling all along East Coast Highway 11.

The east coast road stretches south along a long, narrow band situated between the steep Pacific ridge and the ocean. The geology is unique with the broken ridges, steep cliffs, and meandering coastline. As we enjoy the sea breezes, we will continue to cycle south and pause at the Jici Overlook Platform, the best place to take in the famous and breathtaking view of the Pacific Bay.


We then resume riding on past the Siouguluan River and fishing village, famous for locally caught seafood. After lunch, we continue along the Jade road up through a 2660m/1.55 mile tunnel (450m/1445 feet high) over the Coastal Mountain range, which has a distinctive bowed shape, making it perhaps the most instantly recognisable range in all of Taiwan.


A steep climb brings us to An Tong Hot Springs. This alkaline spring is clear, with a distinctive hydrogen sulphide odour as the water emerges at 66 degrees Celsius. Make sure you try the hot spring and let nature ease away the aches and pains from the day long ride.

B:Hotel buffet /  L:Local restaurant  /  D:Traditional Taiwanese cuisine

Day 4

Total distance:126.7 KM/ 78.7 Miles

Total Climb:604 M/1982 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★

Total distance:113.4KM/70.5 Miles

Total Climb:261M/856 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★

Total distance:119.5 KM/67 Miles

Total Climb:281 M/922 Feet

Difficulty Level:★

Total distance:63.4KM/67 Miles

Total Climb:287M/942 Feet

Difficulty Level:★

Total distance:151.8KM/102 Miles

Total Climb:1554M/4975 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★

Total distance:90 KM/55.92 Miles

Total Climb:844.24 M/2770 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★

Total distance:59.2KM/36.8 Miles

Total Climb:1137 M/3730 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★

Total distance:113.68 KM/68 Miles

Total Climb:1500 M/4920 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★

Total distance:61.9 KM/38.46Miles

Total Climb:3393M/  1132Feet

Difficulty Level:★★★

Total distance:112.1KM/61Miles

Total Climb:1979M/6330Feet

Difficulty Level:★★




Taipei- Taoyuan International Airport Departure

At this point, we hope that as we bid you farewell, you have come to think of the cycling tour in Taiwan as an unforgettable and pleasant experience.


Transfer to airport to take a flight for your journey home. Bon Voyage! (Optional)

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Free on your own  /  D: Free on your own

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