"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls."

Anais Nin

Who Are We

Panagoe began their cycling life as a group of colleagues in a travel agency, starting cycling to work due to the awareness of protecting the environment. Soon after, cycling became their passion, and they began to cycle around Taiwan, the island described as “Ilha Formosa”, which means ''the Beautiful island'', praised by the Portuguese in the mid-sixteenth century. 
They caught a chance to organize a 16-day bicycle tour for 6 Seattle cyclists in 2013. After the success of this tour, the co-workers and associates established a small business, combining their profession in tourism and their passion for cycling, to help foreign travelers and cyclists to arrange fantastic tours and to experience the rich Taiwanese culture. 

panagoe team

Why Panagoe

Though we offer fixed itineraries, we are always more than happy to tailor-make your tour.

Panagoe tour carefully selected the best accommodations, restaurants and attractions, making sure we provide exceptional services and that the journey being worthy.

With Panagoe tour, you will be travelling in small groups, which not only ensure that everyone in the tour can be taken good care of but also cause  less environmental damage and disturbance to the locals.

Taiwanese people are known for their kindness and friendliness, and you surely will be experiencing the hospitality throughout the journey.

At Panagoe, we are devoted to supporting local economies and preserving local culture by arranging many local gourmets and activities provided by local farmers who are trying to utilize their tradition to help the local community. You will also be staying in a couple of local family-run hotels.

We make sure that our tour guides and team members only provide professional services and we value your feedbacks. Moreover, we are planning to recruit and to train more young local cyclists to our agency.

Customized Tour

High Quality 

Small Group


Support Local Economy

Professional Tour Service

Meet Our Staffs

Stephen Chen

Yung-Hsin Chen

Jimmy Huang

Kai Tai Lo