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Dalai Lama

Four Australian cyclists joined our challenge & adventure tour.

2020 Challenge and adventure Tour 

2020 Customised Scenic East Tour

A private family tour for our British family clients.

2019 Challenge and adventure Tour 13 Days

One Canadian cyclist, one British cyclist and five American cyclists joined our challenge & adventure tour.

2019 Scenic East

Two Canadian cyclists and Five American cyclists joined our Scenic East tour.

2019 Siambike Cyclists in Taiwan 12 Days 

Siam Bike cooperate with Panagoe Cycling Tour again this year to do a Challenge and Adventure tour with ten cyclists. 

2019 Scenic East

Two cyclists from the UK joined our Scenic East tour.

2018 Scenic East + Coastline

Five cyclists from India/New Zealand/France joined our Scenic East and Coastline combined tour.

2018 Aussie Cyclists in Taiwan 9 Days 

Six cyclists from Australia joined our Scenic East tour.

2018 British cyclists 9 Days

Two cyclists from the UK joined our Scenic East tour.

2018 Siambike Cyclists in Taiwan 12 Days 

Twenty-five cyclists from Switzerland/Denmark/Germany/Norway joined our Challenge and Adventure tour.

2018 Aussie/Canadian Cyclists in Taiwan 12 Days 

Three cyclists from Australia / Canada joined us in Taiwan for an unforgettable journey of cycling.

2017 Philadelphia Cyclists in Taiwan 4 Days 

2017 New York Cyclists in Taiwan 5 Days 

Two New York cyclists joined Panagoe to discover the colorful north of Taiwan.

Four Philadelphia cyclists joined Panagoe to discover the Scenic East of Taiwan.

2017 Siam Bike Tours in Taiwan 9 Days 

2017 San Francisco Cyclists in Taiwan 13 Days 

Two cyclists from San Francisco joined our ''Challenge and Adventure'' tour for a magnificent tour of beautiful Taiwan.

Two Swiss cyclists joined Panagoe to discover the beauty of Taiwan.

2016 New York / Los Angeles Cyclists in Taiwan 10 Days

Four young novice cyclists from New York / Los Angeles joined us in Taiwan for an unforgettable journey of cycling, learning, and getting to know their parents' homeland.

2015 Seattle Cyclists in Taiwan 13 Days

Eight Seattle cyclists joined our 13 days trip for a most memorable cycling expedition.

2014 Los Angeles/Italian Cyclists in Taiwan 7 Days

Seven cyclists from Los Angeles and Paolo from Italy joined Panagoe to cycle along the Pacific coast and southern part of Taiwan.

2013 Seattle Cyclists in Taiwan 16 Days

Six cyclists from Seattle, Washington joined us in Taiwan for a marvelous and eye-opening journey of cycling, sight-seeing, and local foods.​

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