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Colourful North

from $945

The combination of extinct volcanoes, hot spring and extraordinary rock formations along the coast is a must try for those who wish to explore the Northern Taiwan in a short period of time.

Around the Isalnd

from $2595

Circling the whole island in less than two weeks is surely an unforgettable experience, and it is definitely one of the must try trip in Panagoe cycling tour.

Scenic East

from $1799

​​Our Scenic East tour will bring you to the most fascinating and natural area in Taiwan; moreover, the tour will also be briefly showing the culture and history of the island when in Taipei.


from $2385

Our 12 days tour will be cycling all along the most beautiful coastlines in Taiwan, combining the introduction of history and culture when in Taipei and Tainan.

Join now to explore the beauty and culture of the West Pacific Island.

Challenge and Adventure

from $2799

Our 13 days trip is no doubt the best choice for people who love to take up challenges and passionate for adventures.The 3275 meters highest mountain trek in East Asia is definitely making this tour different and worth challenging.


from $2999

Join our classic tour to explore the island's scenic landscape, culture and history deeper through cycling, and the Tour will end with a classic circle around the largest lake of Taiwan.

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