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Splendid Sun Moon Lake and Alishan

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Tour Overview

The tour is to explore the island's scenic landscape, culture and history deeper through cycling around Taiwan's largest lake and along one of Taiwan’s finest high-mountain resort areas.

In Taipei, we will visit the famous Daoist Bao'an Temple and well-known National Palace Museum.

The remarkable starting off of the long journey will be cycling around the Sun Moon Lake, which has been reported by CNN to be one of the top 10 bike routes in the world. Our cycling journey will then continue to the Alishan mountain range, where you will be able to see the spectacular sunrise and Mt. Jade, the highest mountain in Taiwan (3952m). 

In Tainan, the former capital of the island, a professional guide will show you around the city and the architectures presenting history traces of the Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.




Suitable for

Age 15 above with regular exercises

Avg. Daily Mileage 

66.7 Km

41.5 Miles

Total Mileage

400.4 Km

248.8 Miles

Tour Duration

9 days

Max. Altitude

2615 m

8579 Feet

NOTE: You will always be followed by a support vehicle providing snacks, fruits, drinks and emergency first aid service while cycling.


  • Famous hot spring: Dongpu Hot Spring


  • Endemic species: Formosan Macaque​​​​

  • Tainan: The old capital of four dynasties

  • Alishan mountain range: averaging 2,500 meters in height


Day 1

Flight to Taipei

Our friendly guide will meet you at Taoyuan International Airport and transfer you to check-in the hotel.(Optional)

Lunch: On your own    Dinner: On your own


B:Hotel Buffet  /  L:Free on your own  /  D:Local cuisine  (A welcome party)

Taipei Sightseeing with Metro and Bike

Today is a day of touring in Taipei. We are going to go around Taipei with the clean, fast and highly convenient Metro. 


Attractions include:

Designed in 1910 by Japanese architects during their colonial period in Taiwan through the first half of the 20th century its eclectic style blends traditional European architectural elements, including Renaissance, Baroque and neo-Classical. 

This impressive building is based upon monumental Chinese architectural design.

Awarded the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage in 2003, the grand and stately Baoan Temple is famous for its elaborate decoration and Daoist architecture.

  The most important repository of Chinese arts in the world.


B:Hotel Buffet  /  L:Taiwanese cuisine   /  D:Local meal or at hotel

Taipei Train station – Fongyuan – Dongshih – Sun Moon Lake


                 After breakfast, we will take a fast train from Taipei to Fongyuan (Central part of Taiwan) and then our support van will transfer you to Dongshih town to start cycling. Starting from Dongshih, we enter the central mountain range. The country road 21 allows you to experience one of most dramatic climbing, the natural beauty and diversity of the mountainous area.


After a series of steady climbs, we will arrive at the popular honeymoon resort Sun Moon Lake, which is 750 meters (2460 Feet) above sea level. The lake is entirely enfolded in foothills of the Taiwan Central Range, and the landscape of turquoise waters and drifting mountain mists attracts about 4 million tourists every year.​​



Sun Moon Lake

The day begins with cycling around the largest lake in Taiwan.

Cycling around the fabulous lake road in the early morning will allow you to admire the transformation of the lake. When stopping at either Wen Wu temple, the majestic Tzuen Pagoda or Xuan Zang Temple, you can see the view stretches across the lake, with the deep blue-green colour of the water shimmering in the light.

B:Hotel Buffet /  L:Free on your own /  D:Traditional Taiwanese cuisine


Sun Moon Lake – Jiji –  Dongpu Hot Springs

Today we will first cycle to the amazing Wuchang falling temple, which is damaged by the powerful 921 earthquakes in 1999. After walking around you will see the ruins of the temple describing its history and the scale of the disaster.


Dongpu township, located in the shadow of Taiwan’s highest peak, Mt. Jade, is considered one of Taiwan’s finest high-mountain resort areas and an incredibly scenic landscape region. Surrounded by mountains, forests, and waterfalls, Dongpu surely provides a nearly perfect hot-spring bathing ambience.


B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Local meal  /  D:Famous Local cuisine


DongPu Hot Spring – Alishan

We will begin the day with cycling through the lofty Central Mountain Range. We will pass through a series of rolling hills, with numerous lines of peaks running side by side.


A spectacular ride over the mountains leads us to the highest point of the new Central Cross-Island Highway. The Alishan Forest Recreation Area, a resort area that features spectacular sunrises, provides a famous breath-taking view called the “ Sea of Clouds”.

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Light lunch  /  D:Local cuisine or at hotel

Day 7

Alishan – Guanziling Hot Spring

Today we will explore the national scenic area, which stretches from the Alishan National Forest Recreation area to the western plains. Continue cycling along Provincial Highway 18, we will arrive in Taiwan’s only “muddy hot spring”. The hot spring here is famous for being rich in alkaline carbonic acid.

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Local cuisine  /  D:Hotel restaurant or Local meal

Day 8

Guanziling Hot Springs – Siraya National Scenic Area – Tainan

Today we will cycle through the Siraya Scenic Areas. You will see diverse natural waterfalls, and river cross-cutting through mountains and plains along the way.


Tainan was the capital of Taiwan between the era of Dutch colony and Qin dynasty.  The most famous landmark of Tainan is Chihkan Tower, which was previously named “Fort Provintia” and built by the Dutch in 1653. 


We will then visit one of the largest, oldest temples and the first officially-built Matsu Temple in Taiwan. The National Museum of Taiwan Literature and Anping Tree House, where aerial roots and branches of banyan trees wrap around the building, are all worthwhile places to see.

B:Hotel buffet  /  L:Local dish  /  D: Taiwanese Tapas

Total distance:76KM/47.22Miles

Total Climb:1556M/ 5105 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★★


Day 9

Tainan – Taoyuan International Airport Departure

(Optional) We will transfer to Tainan to take HSR (High-Speed Rail) train (Tickets excluded) to Taoyuan to connect shuttle bus to the international airport when we reach the end of our Taiwan cycling adventure.


At this point, we hope that as we bid you farewell, you have come to think of the cycling tour in Taiwan as an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

Transfer to airport to take a flight for your journey home. Bon Voyage!

B:Hotel Buffet  /  L:Free on your own  /  D:  Free on your own

Total distance:29.1 KM/18.08 Miles

Total Climb:662 M/ 2172 Feet

Difficulty Level:★

Total distance:45.8KM/28.5 Miles

Total Climb:1083 M/3553 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★

Total distance:90.3 KM/56.1 Miles

Total Climb:3422 M/11227Feet

Difficulty Level:★★★★

Total distance:84.5 KM/52.51 Miles

Total Climb:1264 M/4147 Feet

Difficulty Level:★★

Total distance:74.7 Km/46.42 Miles

Total Climb:767 M/2516 Feet

Difficulty Level:★